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Sung-Hoon HONG (as) an anthropologist

A book (for) everybody (in) Jongno

A thesis (for) MA (in) Gwanak

Reciprocal Punch-Out
A thesis (for) IOCS (in) Gwanak

Reciprocal Punch-Out
A paper (for) KSCA (in) Uijeongbu

Reciprocal Punch-Out
A presentation (for) SPAS (in) Manoa

The Korean Boxer's Body Waiting for Deep Play
A presentation (for) EAAA (in) Shatin

Embracing References
An artefact (for) LP (in) Gwanak

An artefact (for) MEET (in) Yeongdeungpo

Musical Trap
A presentation (for) GKSWKC (in) Gwanak

The Savage Media
A presentation (for) RAI (in) Bloomsbury

The Savage Media
A workshop (for) CNAAS (in) Suita

Dud_A Korean Traditional Pop's Club
A recording (of) GCJG (in) Mapo

Vogel's Net
A translation (of) Gell's (in) Seodaemun

Technology and Magic
A translation (of) Gell's (in) Seodaemun

Ghosts of Hospitality
A snapshot (for) Kwon & Derrida (in) Gwanak

Part-time Hipsters
A presentation (for) KSCA (in) Busan

When Are You?
A presentation (for) SEAA (in) Shinjuku

Unwill of Korean Punks Inscribing the Body
A presentation (for) KSCA (in) Jeju

We Punk Tattooing
A presentation (for) AAA (in) San Jose

Dud_The Road to MOGWAA
A recording (of) MOGWAA (in) Euljiro

When is Indigenous Art?
A presentation (for) ASA (in) St Andrews

Here There and Everywhere
A recording (for) IR (in) Jongno

Our Barbershop Art Gift
An ethnography (for) Song (in) Dongjak

The First Step toward Art Anthropology
An essay (for) AA (in) Seodaemun

The Artist as Ethnographer?
A translation (of) Foster's (in) Seodaemun

No Faculty
A copy (of) Sieyes' (in) Gwanak

A paper (for) Bergson (in) Gwanak

Convenience Store
An essay (for) Hwang (in) Gwanak

Empty Space and the City
An essay (for) Hwang (in) Gwanak

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