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Sung-Hoon HONG (as) an anthropologist

A book (for) everybody (in) Jongno

Reciprocal Punch-Out
A presentation (for) SPAS (in) Manoa

Body Waiting for Deep Play
A presentation (for) EAAA (in) Shatin

An artefact (for) MEET (in) Yeongdeungpo

Musical Trap
A presentation (for) GKSWKC (in) Gwanak

The Savage Media
A presentation (for) RAI (in) Bloomsbury

The Savage Media
A workshop (for) CNAAS (in) Suita

An Analogy between Traps and a Pub
A presentation (for) EAAA (in) Jinan

When Are You?
A presentation (for) SEAA (in) Shinjuku

When is Indigenous Art?
A presentation (for) ASA (in) St Andrews

We Punk Tattooing
A presentation (for) AAA (in) San Jose

Here There and Everywhere
A recording (for) IR (in) Jongno

Our Barbershop Art Gift
An ethnography (for) Song (in) Dongjak

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